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All Autonomy - All the Time 

The Bum

Founder / Co-Editor

Jackie "the Bum" Kerouac started Road to Autonomy back in January 2020, as a way to connect a community drifting farther apart.  Jackie sources the very best content and staying relevant in this current atmosphere.  
Jackie is an author, peaceful parent, homeschooler, and a long time advocate for autonomy.   Jackie has been on her quest for autonomy for more than thirty years and hopes she can breathe life into encouraging a nation to break free and rise above the tyranny of the state.

Silas Soule

Co-Editor / RtA Radio Host

Silas Jayhawker Soule joined RtA Magazine in July of 2020 after being inspired by Jackie's work.  SIlas brings with him years of experience with operating radio shows and podcasts.  Silas and Jackie have partnered to look at communications, interactions, education, and the needs of their community to be the change they so desperately seek.  Silas is a peaceful parent, a homeschooling advocate, and a seasoned vonuan.  Silas lives a nomadic lifestyle, bringing freedom, and autonomy to the forefront of his everyday life.