Issue 35: The Strategy of Autonomy

There is no question that AUTONOMY takes a large amount of strategy, planning, and courage. Change is difficult and being able to roll with things; pioneering your way to your own path can be scary and isolating. I am on my path toward autonomy just like every single contributor, past and present. Our paths often lead to different places, with different goals and priorities, but the commonality is that we each support the journey of the individual, regardless of the desired end spot. Some get started on our journey early in life, others late - but no matter, the journey may never end, but sometimes life is ABOUT the journey and not so much the destination.

Learn the Origin of Strategy - Learn to play chess!

Online chess classes taught by Peaceful Parent and Candidate Master, Danilo Cuellar.  Danilo has been playing competitive chess for over 25 years, and his passion to introduce chess to everyone - has driven him to teach adults and children, regardless of skill.

No matter where you are in your game, life, or the world, Danilo is here for YOU!  Play with writers of the magazine, have your children play with kids all over the united states.  Danilo is a whiz at simplifying the game with game reviews, beginning/middle/end game tactics, and fun tournaments.  RtA's very own Jackie, Silas, and Jackie's daughter LOVE and take his classes each week.  Join the game, today!  

Email Danilo directly for pricing and availability, below!  Check out Danilo's website for more information (click on the flyer -->)

Email Danilo HERE! ([email protected])

You've read the books, NOW - have your child take the discussion class!

Tuttle Twins youth discussion groups, hosted by Danilo Cuellar.  Nope, you don't even need to have read or own the books, all will be revealed in Danilo's unique class.  Danilo uses the premise of the book to form liberty-based discussions for children and tweens.  Danilo asks thoughtful questions to help to explain basic economics to your child!  Want to know more and sign up?  Click the flyer to the right!

Haven't read the books yet?  No problem!  RtA has a link to get you and your children started!  The author of the Tuttle Twins series, Connor Boyack has older tween/young adult books available too!  No matter your age, you can find some sweet tasting liberty books at the link below!

Buy the Tuttle Twins books HERE

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