Issue 44: The Winter Issue!

We have a hot issue on a cold day!  This month, check out your favorite authors Kumo, Josiah, and Jim, in addition to outrageous fun with origami animals, tips for staying healthy, & so much more!  Grab a cub of hot cocoa, and curl up with this one!  We're happy you joined us on another mile down The Road

A Special Note from The Bum, Jackie Kerouac:

My Loyal Travelers on The Road to Autonomy,

Jackie Kerouac

Owner, Chief Editor

It's been nearly four years that we've been traveling on The Road. What started out as a way to connect people and inspire a culture of doers and not debaters, has turned into some of the greatest collection of information ever compiled into one place. We succeeded at what we started out to do.

So now what? 

Now, its time to preserve the information and the data. Its time for us to make each issue highly searchable and launch a website built by autonomists in order to make each issue easy to search and easy to incorporate into your every day reference resources!

As we evolve as a community, our needs change. Road to Autonomy will also change and evolve. 

Road to Autonomy will be taking a year off, at least, to preserve the three and a half years worth of information.

More information to follow... We love you, thank you and come back to see what all we can do with knowledge from everywhere!

Yours in Autonomy,

Jackie "the Bum" Kerouac


Learn the Origin of Strategy - Learn to play chess!

Online chess classes taught by Peaceful Parent and Candidate Master, Danilo Cuellar.  Danilo has been playing competitive chess for over 25 years, and his passion to introduce chess to everyone - has driven him to teach adults and children, regardless of skill.

No matter where you are in your game, life, or the world, Danilo is here for YOU!  Play with writers of the magazine, have your children play with kids all over the united states.  Danilo is a whiz at simplifying the game with game reviews, beginning/middle/end game tactics, and fun tournaments.  RtA's very own Jackie's daughter LOVES and take his classes often.  Join the game, today!  

Email Danilo directly for pricing and availability, below!  Check out Danilo's website for more information (click on the flyer -->)

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PPM Silver Products

Recently, Jackie tried out the product line for PPM Silver (a write up can be found in this month's issue) and the review is wildly positive!  Order by clicking the button below to order a spray or cream, honestly, you can't go wrong.  Thousands of uses for the body and the home!  

Got Tuttle Twins?

Haven't read the books yet? No problem! RtA has a link to get you and your children started! The author of the Tuttle Twins series, Connor Boyack has older tween/young adult books available too! No matter your age, you can find some sweet tasting liberty books at the link below!

Buy the second installment in the BRUSHFIRE thriller series, 2048!
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The audiobook recorded by Silas & Jackie, is HERE and available!  Click the link below to download and listen today!

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