Issue 29:
Coercion in the Private Sector (the 'Karen' issue...)

Covid really tore the hoods off some real Scooby Doo type villains and that villain’s name was Karen (and Ken, the male equivalent). The term, "Karen", is synonymous with a middle-aged white woman who feels wronged, or a mean girl not getting her way. There are many people, on social media, that claim to know the origin of the word, or who inspired the term. Regardless of the origin, the evidence is everywhere (see previous page, for New York's example...note: there were no shortages of new york Karens… damn...)!

To be honest, I've been both a "Karen" as well as someone wronged by the hot head. My kid, tells me before I have to be an advocate for myself, "Don't be a Karen" I kind of love the pre-check. It reminds me to be reasonable and a humanitarian that only wants to be made whole. There are many approaches to dealing with this unsavory crowd, from being proactive to calling in SWAT, regardless this issue proves to be a good one!

Note: If all else fails, there is a DELISH, Keto-friendly cookie recipe in the back pages of this magazine. Kind of a In-an-emergency-break-glass type of recipe, cause after all if all else fails, Kill that bitch with cookies and kindness!

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