Issue 30:
Origin Issue: The Many Paths Toward Autonomy

Welcome to mile marker 30!!! This is the Origins issue or the Journey's issue. The many paths that lead to autonomy...

As I've learned over the years, there are a few folks like me, The Bum, out there. Folks that were never indoctrinated, despite the many efforts brought forth by the state. I was one of the "lucky" ones that came from a broken home. Unlike the majority, I wasn't raised in an authoritative household, I dropped out of school early in life, and decided that society was toxic at the ripe age of ten years old. I lived on the streets, owned businesses in the black and grey market and technically, the red markets, (if you ask the state). I became a theft evader nearly two decades ago and has been making my own way, solo, since.

But folks like me, are not unheard of, oh gosh no! There are quite a few of us, naturals, but we have mastered blending in, and we are everywhere. So this month, lets tip our hats to the naturals and to the folks that made it to autonomy just as fast as they could.

This month, cozy up with RtA and read our many paths to autonomy, our journey. And maybe you can find some inspiration, to keep going on your path!

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