Issue 19: love LEARN live

Join us on mile marker 19 as we rise from tragedy to triumph through self education.  This month, we unlearn in the age of the Amerikan Empire, and we self empower by learning as much as we can while we are on this third rock from the sun.  Take your power back, rise, and become autonomous...

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Congratulations! You just found a plethora of FREE content!  If you love science fiction and dark satire, you've come to the right place.  You'll find conscious audio and video creations here as well...

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Podcast hosted by Silas Soule focused on SELF: sustainability, care, and liberation.

Keeping Chickens,  naturopath remedies, and homesteading science.

Enjoy informative, original articles regarding Security Culture, the Van Nomad chronicles & more!

Join our Master Avatar, Boundless Wave, and the Wellness Hero as they walk us through the theme while taking care of the self.  Full balance ahead!

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