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We wish you merry freedom....and a healthy new year! Welcome to mile marker 13 on the Road to Autonomy. We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary! To celebrate our one year in existence, and 2021, we decided to focus on health so that we can stick around a bit longer and be a useful contributor to our community and a responsible human to fight for those with no voice. So, grab your water and few stalks of that wonderful blood cleaner, celery, the whole jar of peanut butter, and let's talk about our health. As most of us are learning, health is not just a physical condition. It can also mean a mental, a spiritual, as well as an internal condition. How we feel reflects outwardly. If we feel crumby or "less-than", folks can pick up on that. That old adage, "charity starts at home", is no more appropriate than right here with our health. This month, RtA will focus on health, the compromised medical system, taking our health back to nature, our mental and spiritual health, and so much more.

January 2021, Issue 13: Happy New You! All About Health

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