Issue 32:
Autonomy through Self Defense

Welcome to mile marker 32!!! This is the Self Defense issue

Autonomy by way of self defense... I gotta say, our team totally keeps me on my toes. I was pretty stumped by this topic. I had to first ensure that I understood the term, self defense. What does that actually mean? Merriam-Webster defines self defense as “the use of force to defend oneself.” Okay, basic... While defines self defense as “a right to prevent suffering force or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence.” That muddied the water a bit. Hmmm, okay, well let’s go more personal perhaps. I've always been from the school of thought that believes that good proactive measures are infinitely better than reactionary forces. So, that being said, I rarely need to defend my self from others due to how I live my life. But, I often think about the aggression used on me by the State. Taxes are a form of aggression, so are non-violent or victimless crime type laws. So, I often defend myself from the State. This is such a broad and vast topic that I could debate for hours, days, maybe even months - But our team also submitted righteous content also that goes beyond the basic definitions of self defense and how to make it work toward your autonomy. So, let’s get back on that Road for another mile down the Road to Autonomy and check out how to defend our lives, liberty, family, and money from the evil powers that be...

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