Vonu: n.,v. :`vau`new` : the condition or quality of, as well as the action of achieving, an invulnerability to coercion.  Etymologically, it is an awkward contraction of the phrase, VOluntary Not vUlnerable (hence, “vonu”).

Introducing Vonu's Permanent Autonomous Zone, P.A.Z.NIA

The Founding Principles of P.A.Z.NIA are as follows (Our “Constitution”): A respect for and commitment to privacy; the use of pseudonyms is encouraged. Don’t hurt people and honor your contracts. A culture that encourages humanity to flourish, rather than degrade and regress. A recognition of the important task ahead of us: to ensure the continuation of freedom into the future, another way for those seeking a way out.

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Q: Aren’t you guys (vonuans/vonuists) just preppers and survivalists?
A: No, because although we do use many of the same methods (food and water storage, bug out bags, firearms battery, strategic relocation, etc.), our motivations and perspectives are vastly dissimilar. Unfortunately, retreaters of all kinds are usually driven by a sense of impending catastrophe, hence the emergence of “doom porn.” As self-liberators, we are more concerned about living freedom in the here and now, regardless of whether predicted doomsdays happen to occur or not.

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