Becoming autonomous from all angles.  Take your power back by understanding the components of control used by the establishment.  Remove the fuel from the war machine by investing in alternate currency.  Learn how to take action and become the change needed to rise above, peacefully.

Find experts that use real world skills to navigate the weird world we find ourselves in.  Find Interpersonal skills experts that educate on how to better articulate your needs against the powers that be.  Find a mathematician that simplifies alternate currency.  Find relevant interviews, advice, and education to better help us to evolve. 

TAPPMATH- 'Mathematician and Alternate Currency Expert' - Find thoughtful insight on the confusing topic of alternate currency.  Find facts and data to better help to understand digital money and how to take back your power from the banking industry.

Walter Choice- 'Interpersonal Communications Expert, Coach, & Educator' - The Enigma of Choice educates us on the power tactics used by the government.  This expert's hope is to elevate our communication skills to take back our power and remove fear when dealing with the state.