If you wish your child to learn the skills of logic, reasoning, compassion, kindness, gentleness, and love then these attributes must be modeled. The child views the parents as the first examples of human beings to emulate. Which principles and values do you wish to instill in your progeny? Act and think in such a manner as you wish your child to act and think and it will be so. No force and coercion is required, indeed the application of such contemptible methods would only destroy the delicate bond between parent and child. Cultivate with care the minds of your children for they will inhabit the world of tomorrow. Through peaceful parenting let us create a world full of logical, rational, compassionate, kind, gentle, and loving human beings that would be the profound envy of our forefathers.

Preparation with a family takes a lot of planning.  Equipment is important, but training is equally important.  To have a family that is ready for anything, you need the right gear, and you need a plan that everyone is familiar with.  Join a mom and veteran as she takes us through what it takes to be prepared with kids.  Guiding us with equipment, skills training, and all those things we never think of until it's too late.  Be prepared, we can help!

Dyreka Wonder - 'Mom and Veteran' - Specializing in critical thought and preparedness with a family.  Dyreka is an established member of many free-thinking communities and prides herself on being solutions-based.

Danilo- 'Peaceful Parent Advocate' - "I want to leave a peaceful and voluntary world for my kids to partake in when they come of age. Therefore I will utilize all the power of my words and of non-violent action to achieve those ends."